CSGO tournament organizers ban new Shattered Web skins

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Est-ce que Counter Strike (CS:GO) est en panne?

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The latest update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive brings both good news and bad news for players in the Netherlands. Steam trading and Steam Market functionality, which were disabled last month , have been re-enabled, but players in the country, as well as Belgium, are no longer able to open containers—which is to say, loot boxes.

Market and item trading were switched off after the Netherlands Gaming Authority ruled that some videogame loot boxes—it didn’t reveal which—were in violation of the country’s gambling laws and therefore had to be changed, with a deadline set for June Valve said at the time that it didn’t “understand or agree with” the ruling, and had contacted the Gambling Authority for clarification; in the meantime, “our only practical alternative is to disable trading and Steam,” it explained. Belgium issued a similar ruling on loot boxes shortly after the Netherlands and specifically named CS:GO, along with Overwatch and FIFA 18, as being in contravention of the law, but did not set a deadline for compliance.

Re-enabling the CS:GO market, but disabling cases, means that players in the Netherlands will be able to buy and sell items directly, but not partake in the randomized luck-of-the-draw of lootboxes. That probably won’t make CS:GO fans who like to play the ponies very happy, but it’s presumably enough to keep Valve out of legal trouble, and it’s better than the across-the-board shutdown that Valve went with originally.

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CS:GO players in Belgium and the Netherlands can no longer open loot cases

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The recent release of Operation Shattered Web on November 19 saw the introduction of custom in-game character skins for players to experience in CS:GO. However, although the change was welcomed by many fans, those within the competitive community noticed that some of the playable agents could be less visible than the original models. In order to prevent players from gaining an unfair advantage over their opponents by using certain skins, one of the leading tournament organizers, ESEA, revealed on November 24 they would banning the custom skins from competitive play.

He revealed that the upcoming ECS season 8 finals would be opting to host the tournament without allowing the use of the new playable characters after there were concerns about player model visibility. The announcements should come as good news to those who are competing in upcoming events, however, it will be interesting to see if Valve has any changes planned to make the new skins more visible for future use at events. Popular Twitch streamer shroud was also concerned after the release of the new CS:GO operation and even claimed that the game’s developers were “lost.

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