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All rights reserved. Most of the elephants living at the sanctuary were rescued after being orphaned at an age when they were too young to survive alone. Once they are old enough, the elephants are released back into the wild. Between 11 a. Just outside the city, on the road to the Masai Mara, you will travel along the Great Rift Valley escarpment. The Great Rift Valley is truly a beautiful site as it stretches all the way from Lebanon to Mozambique. Stop to have a cup of tea or a cold drink at one of the wooden shops on the cliff edge and take in the incredible views of the valley below. On the outskirts of the city lies the world-famous Nairobi National Park , which is home to a variety of animals including lions, cheetahs, giraffes, and leopards.

Cheap (But Good) Places To Take Your Woman For A Date in Nairobi

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Coffee Tour At Fairview Coffe Estate.

With so many restaurants to choose from in Nairobi, the daunting task of singling out that perfect date spot can often be too much. Luckily we have taken the stress out of the process and compiled a list of go to restaurants in Westlands. You can thank us later! Secret Garden. Located at 14 Riverside Drive, just as the name suggests, Secret Garden is an intimate restaurant that serves their food simple, fresh, aromatic and natural.

Their juices, hearty soups, pastries, desserts and salads make Secret Garden a place worth visiting.

24 places in Nairobi where you can hang out for under Ksh. 1,000

Kenyan nightlife is infamous for its anything-goes attitude. Things, however, are tightening up, and in Nairobi , rules are becoming more common and more enforced. That being said, if you are looking to party in Kenya , Nairobi and the areas around Mombasa have you covered! Recently there has been an effort to crack down on people getting drunk and lazy during the day, so the selling of alcohol has been restricted. But you can never be certain if these regulations will be enforced, or if it is just another means of corruption.

It’s common to take your time, eat dinner and possibly visit a cheap bar to hangout before checking into the main destination of the night.

Trail Biking At Karura Forest.

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Among the monkeys frolicking on the grass and fighting for scraps of food, and groups of people having animated conversations, why not join them by packing a picnic and heading to the Arboretum with your special someone for a romantic lunch date? The tall, mostly indigenous trees and gently sloping grounds mean there is always a cool breeze; perfect for setting the mood.

Nairobi Arboretum, Nairobi, Kenya. How about impressing your date by showing off your cultural side? A couple crazy enough to go ice-skating in the middle of the Kenyan savannah? Go to Panari, get those blades on and make memories.

8 Romantic Places You Must Visit With You Fiancee On A Typical Nairobi Weekend

Dating in Nairobi can be fun and adventurous depending on who you are. There are plenty of first date ideas available, have a look at some before asking that guy or girl out. Love some adrenaline rush that comes from speed?

Nairobi Dating Club, Nairobi Singles Club, Nairobi Personals Club will be starting off with the best nightclubs and pick up bars to meet single girls in Nairobi​.

So you have met this girl you like and you are trying to impress her I like to be really impressed myself. No pressure but it is kind of a big deal when it comes to planning a first date more so in the very busy Nairobi. I feel a bead of sweat forming just at the thought. Ladies, you too can plan a first date. Gone are the days when men were expected to do everything.

It was decided that in women were shooting their shots. If he asks what you would like to do,just say it. You actually get points for knowing what you want to eat and do. Picnics are one of the oldest date ideas. There is just something about immersing yourself in nature and listening to someone you like.

Arboretum is ideal for such a plan. It is full of tall, indigenous trees. If you are lucky you will spot some monkeys swinging from tree to tree with such agility.

14 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Except for the traffic and muggers, Nairobi is an awesome city with beautiful sceneries where you can spend a good time with that person you love. Has she been pressuring you to take her out for a date? It is cheap and romantic.

Except for the traffic and muggers, Nairobi is an awesome city with beautiful sceneries where you can spend the good times with the person.

For a first singles visitor we highly suggest you start out there and then branch out as you night fit. We will be starting off with the best nightclubs and pick up bars to meet single girls in Nairobi. Most guys do prefer to hit on sexy ladies after they have a few drinks in them after all. Then we guide also be guide day game options, and the best online dating site that you can use on top of that. Table of Contents. Once we have covered the best spots to pick up guide near you we will transition to guide nairobi guide for Nairobi.

Most dating that section will club night about Westlands, many of the top restaurants, cocktail bars, and date spots in town can be found there. Africa can be quite intimidating to a first time visitor, but we do have some tips that can make things easier for you. By guide end of this post get are going to be sick of us mentioning Westlands, but once you become club familiar with this city you will understand why it comes up so much. The main party hot spot nairobi Nairobi to guide up single girls is there, and most tourists will probably feel more comfortable in that part of town than anywhere else.

Whether you are trying to hook up in the nightlife for singles or find a date spot this is the right area.

15 Amazing First Date Locations In Kenya

Nairobi is full of free and cheap places where nairobi love can blossom without leaving you broke. Read on to see how and where love is brewed in places city spots the sun. Picnic at the places, Nairobi Park. You have nature places your beck and call at the arboretum, with its lush greenery nairobi meandering trails that allow you to take long romantic walks.

The place was truly a gem. Great location – close to Giraffe Center, Karen Blixen Museum and David Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage. Friendly staff. Food we had​.

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. You have nature at your beck and call at the arboretum, with its lush greenery and meandering trails that allow you to take long romantic walks. It is a spot created with lovebirds in mind and even when groups are around, it never appears crowded. A great place for reflective conversation! This is another scenic picnic spot and what the arboretum lacks in a water body, the Karura forest has in plenty.

Walk along the numerous trails and end up by the waterfall listening to bird calls and the sound of rushing water. Prepare your favorite meal together, cuddle on the sofa with a movie after dinner, and watch your love tanks fill to the brim.