First-person shooter Gotham City Impostors was released. I should love this. It sounded so silly, so camp , how could I not be slapping my thighs while smiling knowingly at the monitor? On one hand it offers a range customisations for you to trim the fat from the character, or add to it if you want a tougher head to deflect the bullets. It doles both out in the smallest possible increments as you play. Making your character look like the sort of bad-ass Joker or Batman is hatefully boring. A slog. Despite both teams being equally matched in terms of weapons and body-types, you spend the dress-up money separately as well.


The game was Gotham City Imposters and I was extremely excited to download and start working on the achievements. I installed it and played through the tutorial and then tried to enter matchmaking. There wasn’t a single game to connect to or a single person even in the lobby. I sat in matchmaking for several hours thinking it was just the servers or my connection and then found out from the GCI website that GFWL version is no longer being supported.

wiith other people Is this a matchmaking issue or does no one play anymore? Página de la tienda. Gotham City Impostors: Free To Play.

Gamereactor uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best browsing experience on our website. If you continue, we’ll assume that you are happy with our cookies policy. New Costume Choices: Dress up your Impostor like a lunchador, a corporate schlub gone mad, and so much more! Gotham City Impostors is an entertaining first-person shooter where up to 12 gamers battle it out dressed as vigilante superhero wannabes. FPS Gotham City Impostors became the latest game to embrace the increasingly popular free to play model.

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Gotham City Impostors review

B unit , 21 Feb 16 Jun From the very first cutscene, Gotham City Imposters immediately separates itself from plethora of rather mundane shooters which have flooded the market over the past decade. The Basics : Aside from a short tutorial and a limited challenge mode, Gotham Imposters is strictly multiplayer only. Neither of these objective gametypes revolutionize the FPS genre, but the unique twists presented through both the toxic gas spewing domination points, and the struggle over a battery to power a propaganda machine serve as humorous means to distinguish the experience from your standard shooter’s offering.

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Binnatics : Well, getting to know the game a bit through the challenges. A perfect way to get used to the available gadgets, weapons and maps. I already noticed everything has humour in it. The motto is: Don’t take yourself, or whatever, too serious. I like that. It starts with easy gadget-test challenges and ends up with a map full of ‘move-spots’ locations that you’ll have to reach or pass and targets. You’ll have to find the fastest and smartest way through and meanwhile shoot as a warlord.

Some guns give you reload times of let’s say, a second. That second can be fatal so no miss is permitted. You really have to be a fast and secure shot while running, gliding or skating through the maps. Somehow the authorization mail they sent me didn’t reach my inbox.

Gotham City Impostors

New to Shacknews? Signup for a Free Account. Gotham City Impostors is rolling out its first free DLC pack today, which adds several new costumes, weapons, gadgets, and more.

Read what our users had to say about Gotham City Impostors for PC at Matchmaking is now good without boring waiting and new stuffs are.

Egregious DRM and poor matchmaking mar an otherwise surprisingly fun and accessible multiplayer shooter. He’d be laughed out of the office. There’s a formula for making a movie blockbuster. Games are different. In the world of games, it’s entirely possible for someone to walk into an important person’s office, pitch ‘Batman on rollerskates’ and walk out with a signed contract. Gotham City Impostors is the result this pitch.

You play one of a team of plucky wannabe Batman or Jokers, given a stack of ridiculous weapons, tools and gadgets and charged with annihilating the other team in creative and violent ways. The core of Impostors is a well-executed Modern Warfare clone, and the weapons are as weighty and satisfying as that implies. Floating damage numbers means there’s good visual feedback as to what harm your shots are doing, and the more unusual weapons tend to have big colourful effects so you can easily tell what’s going on.

Review: Gotham City Impostors

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Objects · Credits · Forums»; Gotham City Impostors I was playing on PC last night and yes it is really bad matchmaking. I’m pretty much.

You know,you’ll the only person here or on my friends list that actually plays this game. I used to play a lot but got tired playing with randoms. Yeah, this is a great game, isn’t it? It’s a tough sell to people though, for some reason. It’s so cheap but no one wants to give it a chance! I hear ya,brother! It’s a shame. They don’t know what they’re missing. I love the outrageous,over the top characters and weapons. Yeah, I’ve got two other friends who play.

But they’ve moved in to other games so it might take some serious coaxing.

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So sit back, and read on as your games update. Earlier this month when I reviewed Gotham City Imposters , I noted that the game really needed a patch. Fortunately the developers over at Monolith have been teasing some free DLC since the game’s release. In addition to some new content and maps the main feature of this incoming free DLC is supposed to be drop-in matchmaking.

It is understandable that Monolith would include this feature in a DLC pack so as not to draw the ire of the multiplayer shooter community for releasing a game that is missing a key feature but face it, this is a classic case of developer misdirection. You get this shiny Katana, a new map, and some fun new costumes.

Gotham City Impostors was developed by Monolith and was published While matchmaking can be a pain, this six-on-six comedy shooter has.

You spin around and aim your weapon upwards, trying to catch a glimpse of the menace Spotting a nearby trampoline and bouncing off of it far into the air, you pull out a grappling hook at the apex and shoot it towards a distant building. Zooming across the sky you spot your prey, running along a nearby roof, and you disengage your hook and drop down behind him.

You pull a jack-in-the-box out of your pocket and throw it at him, cackling madly as it explodes in a direct hit and the screen tells you how many experience points you just earned from his death. First note the title, however- you’re not playing Batman, the Joker, or anyone sanctioned by either character. Or something. Cause really, story? Not that you ever need an excuse for that. The combat is insanely fast and fun and actually feels quite different than most shooters, not only because of the thematic weaponry.

Besides the many standard weapons you are given – everything from pistols to rocket launchers – you can equip gadgets to maneuver around the maps with ease. All of this along with the many features scattered around the world like ramps, trampolines, etc. The matches are great but variety may be an issue for some, as there are a mere five maps and three multiplayer modes to compete in.

Bad matchmaking or nobody playing this on Steam?

You can, for example, soar in the air and then launch yourself at a person to damage or kill them. I bought it yesterday and am enjoying it. I do not have any experience with TF2, but have played lots of Call of Duty and Bioshock 2 to compare. I really enjoy the emphasis on using height, with all of the different toys you can use to obtain it, from the glider allowing you to soar ahead and dive on your opponents, to spring shoes allowing you to jump or double jump from about anywhere.

This is caused by the laggy matchmaking system. It’s not the first time I find this type of lobbies in GfWL online games, and it sux. It’s quite hard to find active.

It was released February 8, for MSP. The Dark Knight has finally hit his stride in video games with the award-winning hits Arkham Asylum and, more recently, Arkham City. While these games offered amazing single-player experiences, both through revolutionary gameplay and engaging stories, they have also steered away from any multiplayer experience. Gotham City Impostors trades Batarangs and dark atmosphere for guns and crazy humor. While matchmaking can be a pain, this six-on-six comedy shooter has some of the best action on XBLA.

So much customization — Gotham City Impostors has loads upon loads of customization options. Every time you level up you get a free unlock for a specific category, such as weapon or support item. You can choose anything in the given unlock category from the beginning of the game, giving the perfect opportunity to make a great class in the first few levels.

Gotham City Impostors Archive

The first batch of free Gotham City Impostors DLC hit Xbox in February, and it’s now available on PC; it includes katanas, pistols, drop-in matchmaking, improved mouse support and a new highrise level, The 25th Floor. Producer Nate Edson and associate producer Lucas Myers explain the new PC content in the above video, wherein they prove they are the best actors in existence, ever.

No, really — keeping with the “impostors” theme, Edson and Myers obviously want to throw us off and are therefore pretending to be terrible actors in a scene that is painful to watch, and they act horribly so well that they’re obviously the best in the business. Buyer’s Guide.

Our review of Gotham City Impostors went live earlier this week, and in it Tim identified two major flaws: matchmaking errors and a lack of maps and match types.

Any one still playing Gotham city imposters self. At the time of this post there are currently players playing, with a peak of in the last 24 hours. I thought he was. Scrolled back up to check username. Scrolled back down saw my exact thought alrdy posted. Infact, you should be a bot. Fun but absolutely zero supported by devs, not a single patch or update since the release and the matchmaking is totally dumb.

I used to play that game a fair amount, haven’t in a long time, though. It was pretty fun. Never could get my friends into it, though. I tried to play this game when I got it. There were no one playing then ;. Searched for a long time, then uninstalled it.

Steam lets you play in the streets of Gotham City Impostors for free

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New Gotham City Impostors patch brings new game mode and map. Warner Bros and Fixed players getting stuck in their own matchmaking lobby. Fixed issue.

Skip to Content. Based on DC Comics characters, this cartoon shooter is a tale of good versus evil. But combat is the name of the game — with lots of weapons, explosives, and other gadgets used to destroy the other team –so it doesn’t have a very positive message. Plus, gamers can play as the good guys or the bad guys. One team has people dressed as Batman, who is a positive role model for the most part, but the other team has people dressed as the malevolent The Joker.

But even the “positive” role models are determined to kill off the other team, so it’s not the best example of a positive role model here, even if it is to defeat evil. This digital download is quite easy to pick up and play, given the simplified controls and tutorial information. This game is focused on violence — it’s a multiplayer-only, first-person shooter — but in the same vein as DC comic books, its cartoon-like and over-the-top.

That said, there is blood, weapons shotguns, rocket launchers, freeze guns, arrows, and bombs and enemies can scream out in pain when attacked.

Gotham City Imposters matchmaking #1[HD]